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Match table

(1)  ‘Follow' means you can select to follow a 'Match' a 'League' or a 'Team', which will appear in . At the same time as you give a tick, the 'Livescore updating application' will alert you when there is any change in scores, red card, or match status.

(2)  'Support' means you like the team and wish to track down the team in the . By lighting up the thump up in red, the 'Livescore updating application' will alert you once there is any new scores, red card, or change in status about the team. In addition, when the match is over, there will be a pop-up window on the bottom right corner telling you the latest score. And when you change dates on the calendar, you will find that the system has recorded your supported teams on that day and all their information.

1. Add support: click on the 'thumb up' logo next to the team you support  
2.Change support: click on the 'thumb up' logo next to the other team you support  
3.Remove support:   click on the 'thumb up' logo in red once more  

(3)   Visit the relevant webpages by clicking the logos below.

(4)   The 'Search' function provides you with speed search for match and News. For example, if you key in 'man', you will find all the team names with a 'man' in the list.