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Match information box

When the cursor stops on a match, an 'Information box' will jump out to show details of the game, includes:
Click on Team name or team logo to go into team profile page. Team standing will appear when the cursor goes over if the team is ranked.

Full time/Half time score: Finished match will show FT/HT score; Livescore will show score at the moment.

Favourite (teams): The team will be added to your 'Favourite' column . You will also get alert when the match is over.

Follow: tick on 'Match' ,'League', 'Home' or 'Away' to add the selected to the 'Follow' column, thereby you will get all the relevance appear if the same match, league, home team or away team plays again.

I have a say: Click on 'I have a say' to comment about the game or reply to other user's comment.

Goal: Ongoing match will have a 'Goal' button, click to see scorers' detail.

Analysis: click on 'Analysis' logo to view historic match analysis. (This is only applicable for soccer, basketball and baseball)

Live Text: If there is a 'Live Text' button appears, means you may view text commentary as the match is played.

Live TV: If there is a 'Live TV' button appear, means you can watch the match live. (This is only applicable to soccer and basketball.)

Live bet: Click on 'Live bet' to see the odds chart for the match.

1X2: Click on the '1x2' sign to see odds opened by various bookmakers.