Application Installation /Updating Failed
(1) For Windows 7 users, please confirm that your account and file-downloaded disc gain access rights to install the program.
(2) Please delete ‘7mAIR’ file stored in "C:\Program Files\Common Files\" or "your defined program files” , then install the latest version.
(3) If you fail to reinstall 7mAIR after uninstalling it, please manually delete 7mAIR file stored in program installation directory.
Default program installation path(windows: C:\Program Files\ , mac: /Users/xxx )
How to Uninstall 7mAIR
(1)There is no uninstall button in the AIR applicaiton. If you intend to uninstall, go through the Control panel or click on the package driver.
(2)By exiting 7mAIR, go to air.7m.com.cn, click on 'Online Download', 'Open' 'Options' to find 'Uninstall' option.
(3)If you install the full package, 'Uninstall' can be found in the start menu.
‘No data currently’ Prompt
(1)Sometimes the server might be maintained or updated, please wait and retry later.
(2)It happens to have no data of the day.
7mAIR.exe file is corrupted
You don't need to worry about data loss problem. This file just save the data you are used to setting. All you need to do is delete the catalog or rename it.
The default path is: C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Application Data\7mAir\Local Store\#SharedObjects\SevenMAIR.swf (Please alter Administrator if you use multi-user login. )
Main panel disappears suddenly
When Windows explorer.exe is terminated or ended, 7mAIR will disappear even when you reopen it. If this problem happens, please open task manager to end ‘7mAir.exe’ manually, and then reopen it later.
The Adobe AIR edition nessary for this procedure is unavailable
7mAIR relies on Adobe AIR runtime. This situation happens when ‘Adobe AIR’ is uninstalled. You can download again and install Adobe AIR after that.
Adobe AIR Installation Prompt
This prompt shows when the Adobe's AIR updates. (7mAIR relies on Adobe AIR runtime. You can refuse to update because it does not affect the software usage. But we suggest you to update to the latest version which will help to avoid unknown errors and keep the environment safe.)